About Us

Vincent Faith jewellers was created by two friends who have a passion for stylish men’s jewellery.  We have been working together in the retail jewellery industry for over 20 years and have a wealth of knowledge to bring to our ring collection.

Our men’s rings are designed to be stylish and with a strong focus on men.  The result is a selection of masculine rings made to compliment your look.

It’s about men – it’s about style.

About The Rings We Showcase

All of our rings are carefully selected to bring you a choice of different metals that give you different looks.

Our stainless steel rings are are strong and robust, while our titanium rings are as strong as steel but about 1 third of the weight.  Or why not try our tungsten carbide rings which are a heavier ring than both steel and titanium & are also scratch resistant.

It you have nickel allergies you will be pleased to know all of our rings are nickel and lead free.

Whether you are looking for a plain or patterned ring, a design that is classic or modern or a gold, silver, blue or black colour, we have a ring for you.

About Our Product Images

All of our product images are take by ourselves so the ring you see is the ring you will receive.  We do not show any images that are edited to the point it does not look real and we also do not 3D render our images.

We want you to be confident in the rings you purchase from us and that you can trust what you see on our website.